The art of simplicity

Accounting is an exciting universe to us. It has its own rules and order. Combining competency, a human touch, making complicating issues simple, we are ready to introduce a perfect order in your financial world!

Find the best option for you !


You can focus on the things you do best while having peace of mind.


55.00 €

a month


Don’t spend your time and efforts on something that we can do for you.


88.00 €

a month

Developing business

You can focus on growing your business.


145.00 €

a month

Why us ?


Your designated person

Our services are specially designed for the needs of self-employed and small businesses. We are experts in the finances of these business models. And we have the same type of business model ourselves.

Everything is alright

With competency and in good faith we do what has been entrusted in us. Unless necessary, we do try to not involve our clients in the process. You can be sure that your finances are in perfect order


Friendly advice

Our pillars are friendly relationships with our clients and transparency of all our processes. Accounting is our field of expertise, and we have found the best solutions for administrative and bureaucratic labyrinths.

Near and far

Easy to reach and reliable customer service is one of our pillars since we understand the cost of being in the dark. That is why we are ready to work with clients from anywhere in the world.


Customer reviews

Pleasant to work with. Will always help and provide advice, even regarding the most unusual questions.

Renārs Jansons, director of Captomatic Ltd.

About us

Our team – educated, progressive and smart women.

We are united by our passion for finances, and we each have our own strengths.


With playfulness and friendliness, I will guide you through the labyrinth of taxes!


One person orchestra - in her presence people and things find their right places with ease.


Taxes are my muse – I understand them well and can easily explain them to others!


An artist of time management – chaos doesn’t stand a chance!



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